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We provide a variety of duplication and replication services to suit all your production needs, from the very basic short run promotional CDRs to the complete album manufactured ready for general release. Quickburn offers quite possibly the cheapest CDR duplication service in the UK, with fast turnaround times and next day delivery service. We have built our reputation strictly on recommendations of our customers and continue to do so, treating each job with the same level of urgency to make sure you never miss that all important deadline. With no minimum order for our CDR duplication service, Quickburn’s customers range from independent artists to pr companies, from production companies to record labels, from schools to councils (data CDs), all at very competitve and affordable prices

With our CD replication service we have a minimum order of 500 units but would recommend that for literally a few pounds extra, you choose our special offer of 1000 units with which we also offer a free delivery service to one UK address and also a barcode free of charge. From quantities of just 500 to 100,000 units, no order is too big although we do advise that you work ahead of time so you are not forced to rush things at the very last minute


CDR Duplication
All our duplication products are produced in-house so there are no third parties involved. This means we can have all your urgent promotional CDRs turned around at lightning pace so you never miss that all important deadline. With our knowledge of the music industry spanning over two and a half decades, we appreciate and understand the importance of presentation and timing and will be more than happy to discuss all options available to help you find the service that suits your needs and budget best. Below are a few advantages of our CDR service….

  • No minimum order
  • Fast turnaround
  • Next day delivery
  • Cost effective for short runs
  • Lower prices for all our regular returning customers

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CD Replication
Replication may not be as fast a turnaround as the duplication service, but the product is of the highest standard and no different to any CD album that you would see on general release. All our replication jobs are outsourced to the top manufacturers based in the UK so everything is dealt with efficiently and professionally

  • 1000 CDs manufactured to the highest standard for just £530.00 + vat
  • 8 – 12 working days turnaround
  • Free delivery to one address in the UK with our 1000 replication special offer deal
  • Barcodes supplied on request
  • Lower prices for all our regular returning customers

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Supplying Promotional CDRs Worldwide
With our prices being as low as they are for our duplication services, we have slowly built up a client base not just in the UK and the rest of Europe, but as far as Australia and USA. Even with the shipping costs, we somehow manage not only to beat the prices quoted by duplication companies in other coutries but also to save the customer as much as £30 per every hundred CDRs ordered. This is not just a cheap stunt to pull in new customers but fact. So if you are based outside of the UK, don’t be shy, email us with your order request, leave all your contact details and prepare to save, it’s as simple as that!


Other Important Potential Related Links
Our services don’t just stop at manufacturing your product. With our knowledge of the industry being as varied and experienced as it is, we are more than willing to help you make connections in all aspects of the music industry. There are certain services that we ourselves do not provide, but we are happy to divulge the contact details for some of the most competitive suppliers and players in the industry, from website design to PR agents to video production and more. We have set up pages on our website so you can contact these companies yourself directly. We are constantly building on those connections so as to help anybody who requires any of the services listed. You don’t even have to order anything form us to get access to those contacts, the details are there for all to see, but please bear in mind, all we do is bring those companies to your attention, the rest is up to you!